Un’estate fa

TV Series

  • Regia: Davide Marengo, Marta Savina
  • Produzione: Sky Studios, Fabula Pictures
  • Anno: 2023

The Tv Series

Elio, a successful lawyer with a beautiful family, remembers nothing of a holiday he took thirty years earlier: a summer spent camping with his friends chasing the love of his young life, Arianna. During that holiday, Arianna disappeared without a trace, while 18-year-old Elio was found on a nearby beach in a state of confusion with no memory of what had happened. Today, after her body is found, Elio starts travelling back and forth to that summer trying to find out who killed her, throwing his life into disarray in the vague hope of saving her. But are we sure he is really time-travelling or is it just a mechanism of his confused mind?