Un Natale al Sud

Motion picture

  • Regia: F. Marsicano
  • Produzione: IdeaCinema
  • Anno: 2016

The Movie

Peppino, a policeman from Milan, and Ambrogio, a florist from Naples, together with their beloved wives Bianca and Celeste, celebrate Christmas in the same tourist resort. It is during these celebrations that the parents discover that their respective sons, Riccardo and Simone, are engaged to two girls of the same age: Giulia and Ludovica.

All very well, if it weren’t for the fact that the four lovers … have never met in person! Determined to put an end to this practice of “virtual love”, which they just can’t understand, Peppino and Ambrogio manage to get the boys to participate in the annual meeting event of the users of “Cupido 2.0” the dating app that has seen love blossom among young people. But in order for the plan to work, the parents have to participate too!

The event, however, turns out to be a hellhole where, among former virtual users looking for real love, an infatuated fashion blogger and a complex web influencer, the two couples lose their minds, putting their marriages and children’s stories in crisis. But are we so sure that the love stories of the past were more real than the 2.0 ones of today?