Motion picture

Locandina_Michele Braga_Settembre
  • Regia: Giulia Louise Steigerwalt
  • Produzione: Groenlandia, Rai Cinema
  • Anno: 2022

The Movie

On a September day three characters realize that the life they find themselves in is not the one they dreamed of. That happiness is a distant idea. But perhaps still possible.

When Maria (Margherita Rebeggiani) returns from her summer vacation, she is finally noticed by the boy she likes, who through Sergio (Luca Nozzioli), a schoolmate, asks her if she wants to sleep with him. The proposal is not the most romantic, but Maria accepts immediately, but soon panics. Sergio offers his help, and together they spend an entire afternoon, discovering that they are accomplices for the first time.

In the meantime Francesca (Barbara Ronchi), Sergio’s mother, thanks to the result of a delicate medical examination, is radically changing her perspective on her life, getting closer and closer to her friend Debora (Thony), with whom a new and more authentic relationship is being born, one that she had never allowed herself in the past.

She confesses this one evening to her doctor, Guglielmo (Fabrizio Bentivoglio), whom she met by chance in a bar. Since his wife left him, he lives in a bubble of apathy, in which the only real contact seems to be with Ana (Tesa Litvan), a young prostitute he regularly sees, pragmatic and straightforward, and who, despite life’s difficulties, has preserved her desire to dream. The news of a flirtation between her and a boy from the neighborhood, combined with Francesca’s stories, give Guglielmo a new point of view on things and make him awaken from his torpor. For the first time, he finds himself alive and able to give another direction to his life.