Pesci piccoli

TV Series

  • Regia: Francesco Ebbasta
  • Produzione: Mad Entertainment, The Jackal
  • Anno: 2023

The Tv Series

In the age of TikTok stars and successful lives framed in social media, what is so great about living a normal life every day? What if this normal life took place in a small social media agency? Ciro, Fabio, Fru and Aurora are friends and colleagues immersed in the digital undergrowth of provincial loser brands and tragicomic little influencers, but also of friendship gestures, flirtations between colleagues and group rituals. The arrival of a new manager, downgraded but determined to prove her worth, will bring a wave of novelty, and will teach them that even a normal existence, without success guaranteed by millions of followers, hides something precious if you have the right friends.