None Like Us

Motion picture

  • Regia: Volfango De Biasi
  • Produzione: Italian International Films
  • Anno: 2018

The Movie

Set in Turin in the eighties, when there were no social networks and smartphones, “Nobody Like Us” is a romantic comedy about the power of feelings, in which love, friendship, passion and betrayal are intertwined. Betty (Sarah Felberbaum) is a beautiful high school teacher, unconventional and single by choice. Umberto (Alessandro Preziosi) is a well-known university professor, charming, arrogant and struggling with a boring and passionless marriage. The two meet for the first time when Umberto and his wife Ludovica (Christiane Filangieri) decide to enroll their rebellious son in the high school where Betty teaches. Despite a stormy first meeting, an overwhelming passion breaks out between them…

Their story is intertwined with that of Vince (Vincenzo Crea), who is madly in love with Cate (Sabrina Martina), the beautiful classmate, who is losing her head for Romeo (Leonardo Pazzagli), Vince’s best friend, and son of Umberto. The school life of a quiet high school is suddenly turned into a love triangle in which everyone will end up discovering that in love and friendship there are both joy and pain and to live them fully you must be willing to make choices, whatever it takes..