Matrimonio al Sud

Motion picture

  • Regia: P. Costella
  • Produzione: Ideacinema, Marifilm
  • Anno: 2015

The Movie

What happens if the son of a northern industrialist and the daughter of a southern pizza maker get married? That the sober and elegant way of looking at marriage of the first will prove to be very different from the excessive and noisy way of looking at marriage of the other. It goes without saying that, since the southerner is the father of the bride, the wedding should be celebrated in the south. So the northerner is forced to descend into enemy territory. The war between the two fathers is inevitable and fun. But it is the kids who pay the price, and their love is in danger of being ruined by the parents… Fortunately, when the in-laws realize their mistake, they put aside their personal rivalry and work to make peace between their children.