AgenziaBugiardi_Michele Braga_Copertina

L’agenzia dei bugiardi

Motion picture

AgenziaBugiardi_Michele Braga_Copertina
  • Regia: Volfango De Biasi
  • Produzione: Picomedia
  • Anno: 2019

The Movie

The seductive Fred (Giampaolo Morelli), the technology expert Diego (Herbert Ballerina) and the narcoleptic apprentice Paolo (Paolo Ruffini) are the components of a diabolical and ingenious agency that provides alibis for its clients and whose motto is ” Better a good lie than an ugly truth.”

Fred falls in love with Clio (Alessandra Mastronardi), champion of sincerity at all costs, to whom he cannot reveal what his real job is. The situation becomes more complicated when Fred discovers that Clio’s father, Alberto (Massimo Ghini) is one of his clients, who has turned to the agency to hide from his wife Irene (Carla Signoris) an affair with his young lover Cinzia (Diana Del Bufalo).

Accidentally, due to Alberto’s distraction, they will find themselves on vacation all together: Carla, Clio, Alberto and Cinzia in an explosive situation.

What will Fred and his team come up with this time to create the perfect alibi and escape the truth once again?