Copertina_Michele Braga_La cena perfetta

La cena perfetta

Motion picture

Locandina_Michele Braga_La cena perfetta
  • Regia: Davide Minnella
  • Produzione: Italian International Film, Lucisano Media Group
  • Anno: 2022

The Movie

Despite being a criminal, Carmine has always maintained a good nature. He has recently started a restaurant, which he uses to launder the money obtained from his many illicit activities.
Carmine is looking for a new chef to increase the productivity of the restaurant. One day he meets Consuelo, who could really be the restaurant’s best choice: determined, perfectionist and full of ideas, she dreams of a Michelin star and of meeting someone who will give her the chance to prove her talent.
Thus, an affinity is born between Carmine and Consuelo: one step at a time, for both of them this could be the opportunity for redemption they have been waiting for and, for the criminal, also the opportunity for redemption.