La befana vien di notte 2 – le origini

Motion picture

  • Regia: Paola Randi
  • Produzione: Lucky Red, Bartlebyfilm, Miyagi Entertainment, Rai Cinema
  • Anno: 2021

The Movie

The film is set in the 18th century and follows the story of Paola (Zoe Massenti), a young girl living on the streets, a trickster with a talent for always getting herself into dangerous situations. One day she accidentally finds herself standing in the way of the plans of the evil Baron De Michelis (Fabio De Luigi), a hunchbacked and greedy little man who always goes around in the company of his faithful and abused friend Marmot (Herbert Ballerina) and who has an enormous lust for power and a great aversion to witches.
It will only be thanks to Dolores (Monica Bellucci), a kind and powerful child-loving witch, if Paola is saved from a burning bonfire.
The meeting between sweet Dolores and Paola, will kick off a series of daring adventures that will lead the young girl to discover that there is something truly extraordinary awaiting her.