Adele_michele Braga_Coepertina

In viaggio con Adele

Motion picture

Adele_Michele Braga_Locandina
  • Regia: Alessandro Capitani
  • Anno: 2018

The Movie

Adele (Sara Serraiocco) is a special girl. She is free from restraints and inhibitions, she wears only pink pajamas with rabbit ears, never separates from an imaginary cat and colors her world with Post-its, where she writes down everything that comes into her mind. Cynical and hypochondriac, Aldo (Alessandro Haber) is a theater actor who, supported by Carla (Isabella Ferrari) – his agent, friend and occasional bedfellow – is on the eve of his last great opportunity in the world of cinema. The sudden death of Adele’s mother upsets Aldo’s plans and he discovers only now that he is the girl’s father. With the task of telling her the truth and the intention of getting rid of her, Aldo leaves with Adele on an old cabrio from Puglia to face a journey of uncertain destination: a grumpy grandmother, a greedy aunt, a mysterious boyfriend. Brought together by loneliness and the need for love, the two will discover little by little, unexpectedly, a father and a daughter.