Fantasmi_Michel Braga_Copertina

I nostri fantasmi

Motion picture

Fantasmi_Michele Braga_Locandina
  • Regia: Alessandro Capitani
  • Produzione: Fenix Entertainment
  • Anno: 2019

The Movie

I nostri fantasmi (Our Ghosts), a film directed by Alessandro Capitani, tells the story of Valerio (Michele Riondino), a father without a job and without a home, who desperately tries to get his son Carlo away from social services. The man has occupied the attic of their former home and frightens anyone who settles in the apartment “downstairs” pretending, with the help of his son, to be ghosts. Everything is going well until Miryam (Hadas Yaron), with her two-year-old daughter Emma, enters the house. The woman is not easily frightened. Beyond the walls of that house, Miryam must in fact face a more concrete danger that threatens her, a ghost in the flesh: her husband Cristian (Paolo Pierobon), who was beating her to a pulp.