I Can Quit Whenever I Want – Masterclass

Motion picture

  • Regia: Sydney Sibilia
  • Produzione: Groenlandia
  • Anno: 2017

The Movie

The gang of researchers from “Smetto quando voglio” is back. In fact, it never left. If, in order to survive, Pietro Zinni and his colleagues worked on the creation of an extraordinary legal drug and then became criminals, now, in Smetto quando voglio 2 Masterclass, the law needs them. In fact, it will be Inspector Paola Coletti who will ask the prisoner Zinni to put the gang back together, creating a task force at her service that will take action and stop the spread of smart drugs. Acting in the shadows to obtain a clean criminal record: this is the pact. The neurobiologist, the chemist, the economist, the archaeologist, the anthropologist and the latinists will find themselves on the other side of the fence, but to accomplish this new mission they will have to reinforce themselves, bringing back to Italy new recruits from among the many “brain-drainers” who have fled abroad. The most cultured criminal gang of all time will have to face many unforeseen events and increasingly nasty enemies among accidents, chases, explosions, assaults and daring situations.