Genitori_Michele Braga_Copetina

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Motion picture

Genitori_Michele Braga_ Locandina
  • Regia: L.Chiossone
  • Produzione: Indiana
  • Anno: 2019

The Movie

Simona (Anna Foglietta) is a forty-something single mother bound by a deep love for her child, Filippo (Nicolò Costa). However, she feels terribly inadequate to her role and the organization of the party for her son’s eighth birthday brings all her insecurities to the surface. Torn between satisfying her son’s desires and protecting him from the fierce judgement of others, Simona arrives at the day of the party full of expectations and anxiety. When the guests, parents and children cross the threshold of the house, a glimpse of various humanity is shown. While children play in the living room, adults hate each other in the kitchen. Until an unexpected performance of Filippo breaks the mold and triggers a domino effect of actions and reactions that leads the party to derail ..