56k_Michele Braga_Coeprtina

Generation 56k

TV Series

56k_Michele Braga_Copetina
  • Regia: Francesco Capaldo
  • Produzione: Cattleya
  • Anno: 2021

The TV Series

Generation 56K is an Italian TV series created for Netflix by Francesco Ebbasta and made in collaboration with the famous comedy group The Jackal. The show, a story of timeless loves and stainless friendships lived between the desire to become adults and the courage to pursue their dreams, focuses on Daniel and Matilda, who know each other when they are very young and fall in love as adults, and who, along with their lifelong friends Luca and Sandro, are the symbol of the Modem 56K Generation.

Set between Naples and Procida, the story sees Daniel and Matilda (played by Angelo Spagnoletti and Cristina Cappelli) living a relationship that will revolutionize their world and that will force them to come to terms with the past and with the purest and truest part of themselves that, in opposite ways, they have forgotten. With them, Daniel’s lifelong friends, Luca and Sandro (Gianluca Fru and Fabio Balsamo of The Jackal), who complete this portrait – full of contradictions – of the Millennial generation, overwhelmed at the threshold of adolescence in the ’90s by the arrival of the Internet and who today sees technology as an indispensable element, because it offers speed, connections and endless possibilities. But orienting oneself in this variety of options is not always easy.