Darker Than Midnight

Motion picture

  • Regia: S.Riso
  • Produzione: Ideacinema
  • Anno: 2014

The Movie

David is not just another teenager. There is something about him, in his appearance, that resembles a girl. Davide is fourteen years old when he runs away from home. His instinct, or perhaps destiny, leads him to choose as a refuge the largest park in Catania: Villa Bellini is a world apart, that the rest of the city pretends not to see. The world of the outcasts, to which La Rettore and his group of friends also belong, they are the same age as Davide and like him have escaped from their respective families.

When Davide is accepted into this extended family, the past from which he was running away seems to disappear for good. Until the past bursts into the present and Davide is faced with the most difficult choice of all, one he has to make alone, this time without the possibility of escape or delay.