CTMV_Michele Braga_Copetina

Come tu mi vuoi

Motion picture

CTMV_Michele Braga_Locandina
  • Regia: Volfango De Biasi
  • Produzione: Ideacinema, Medusa Film
  • Anno: 2007

The Movie

Giada, who looks like a loser, partly out of necessity, partly out of prejudice, is a model student struggling with the dilemma of modern times: to be or to appear. Riccardo, spoiled and handsome, is the typical modern product of the uptown; a concentrate of muscles, fashion and indifference. Two opposite worlds that come into collision in a university exam room. Due to a series of coincidences, Giada will find herself tutoring Riccardo and love will break out between the two. But Giada realizes that Riccardo is ashamed of her, that he doesn’t consider her worthy to enter his world.

In order to win him back, Giada will deny her own ideals, will change her way of being, seeing and thinking.