Cattiva coscienza

Motion picture

  • Regia: Davide Minnella
  • Produzione: Italian International Film, Lucisano Media Group, Vision Distribution
  • Anno: 2023

The Movie

A man’s conscience is his most precious possession. What men do not know, however, is that their consciences inhabit a world parallel to ours. And if things are not going so well for us, it is not that things are better over there, in the Other World.

Consciences are discouraged, unmotivated, unheard. All except one. Otto is the best conscience in Italy because Filippo, his “protégé“, follows him blindly, guaranteeing him resounding scores. At least until, on the eve of his wedding, Filippo finds himself repressed, and decides to disobey his conscience, because he has fallen in love with someone else, a girl called Valentina, who has made him lose his head.

Otto has no choice but to descend to Earth to bring him to his senses and not lose his well-deserved promotion. Too bad that, up close, the line between Good and Evil is much harder to see: being a Human Being is a very complicated job, especially when love is involved.