Benedetta follia_ Michele Braga_Copettina

Benedetta follia – Blessed Madness

Motion picture

Benedetta follia_ Michele Braga_ Locandina
  • Regia: Carlo Verdone
  • Produzione: FILMAURO
  • Anno: 2018

The Movie

Guglielmo is a man of virtue and immaculate Christian record, he is the owner of a store selling religious articles and high fashion for bishops and cardinals; he is one of those who “a wife is forever”. Except that his Lidia, devoted consort for 25 years, decides to dump him on the very day of their anniversary, turning his world and all his certainties upside down. But then in his store arrives an unpredictable candidate saleswoman: Luna, girl from the bourgeoisie bold and overwhelming, willing but equally unable, and suitable to work in a store of sacred furnishings as a cubist in a convent. From that day on, nothing will be the same as before: Luna signs him up for “Lovit”, the hottest app of the moment, and Guglielmo will discover the surprising world of blind dates and the hilarious attempts of women willing to do anything to find their soul mate. Letizia, Raffaella, Adriana: awkward, funny and surprising encounters or chance meetings like the one with Ornella (Maria Pia Calzone). And since reality surpasses imagination, the lives of Guglielmo and Luna will have totally unexpected turns. Because the ways of love are endless.