AIP_ Michele Braga_ Copertina

Arrivano i prof

Motion picture

AIP_ Michel Braga_ Locandina
  • Regia: Ivan Silvestrini
  • Produzione: AURORAFILM
  • Anno: 2018


While (almost) everyone is celebrating the promotions at the high school graduation exam, at the Alessandro Manzoni high school there is great concern: only 12% of students managed to get their diploma. The Manzoni has an absolute record: it is the worst high school in Italy. No longer knowing what solutions to adopt, the Headmaster decides to make one last, extreme, risky attempt: to recruit the worst teachers in circulation selected by the ministerial algorithm in the hope that where the best have failed, the worst can succeed. The objective: to have at least 50% of students passing. So Alessandro Manzoni renews its teaching staff with seven very special professors, each of whom follows his own revolutionary didactic project and his own very personal teaching method. With disastrous results. And yet… the students at Manzoni begin to understand that something great is happening and that that rambling and disorganized teaching staff really cares about them, beyond the school programs and the notes on the register.